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Training is how we establish a
common language with our pets.

Teach and Reward the Behaviors You Want

Our certified trainers train with C.A.R.E. – Consistent Communication, Affirmation & Affection, Respect & Rules, Enrichment and Engagement.
We believe that a sound owner-pet relationship is critical to enabling your pet to become an active partner in the training.
Of course we teach the basics such as Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave-It, Loose Leash Walking. The basic behaviors are important tools for teaching your pet the rules of acceptable conduct in the home, when interacting with you, and when meeting other people and animals.
And training the basics as well as tricks is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your pet.

Behave Cat

Dealing with Common Behavior Problems

What many pet owners call “problem” behaviors are actually natural, self-reinforcing dog and cat activities. Cats scratch. Dogs chew, jump, bark and dig. We help you curb those habits in your dogs and cats. Insufficient exercise and boredom are often factors in these situations. Our trainers help you cultivate alternative and acceptable behaviors while managing the root causes of the problems. 

Reactive and aggressive pets need to be thoroughly desensitized to the stimuli causing the behavior. We work with you to identify problem areas, and then provide comprehensive instruction on how to bring your pets back under your control. This keeps everyone safe and happy.

Welcoming In New Pets

While bringing in a new puppy or kitty can be exciting, it's a stressful time for everyone involved. Let us assist you in crafting a warm and inviting area so your new pet can feel right at home. We can help with pre-transition consultations, advice during transition, relationship and leadership exercises, and creation of behavior plans.

Helping You through Pet Bereavement

Losing a pet can be a devastating event for other pets in the house. Grief may exhibit in the form of depression, lack of appetite, lapses in previously known behaviors, and general acting out. We're here to help your pets get back to a normal routine and restore their training. If you need support for your own grief, contact us for a recommendation for a licensed professional.