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Our pets are communicative creatures
meant to be active and engaged with
their world.

Physical and Mental Exercise Make for Better Household Behavior

Avoid common dog and cat behavior problems by making sure they get real exercise and mental stimulation. We are experts at engaging dogs and cats – in ways that satisfy their natural urges for physical and mental stimulation. We engage the whole animal – body, mind and spirit – so that you come home to a relaxed, calm, and contented family member.

Walking a dog

Making The Walk Into A Dog Adventure

We make your dog’s walk an adventure. Yes, we’ll work on nice leash manner, but we’ll also mix in sprinting, heeling, direction changes, jumping over obstacles, climbing up on stumps, circling trees – and we’ll use the endless opportunities presented by our world to make the walk fun for your dog. And sometimes we let the dog lead in a free walk where they set pace and direction building confidence and satisfying natural instincts.

What Pets Know: The Principle Business Of Life is To Enjoy It!

We are experts in play with dogs and cats. Play can be a simple as tug or fetch. Or play can require learning new skills like learning agility obstacles, scent tracking, or learning new tricks. Animals that play are happier and healthier because they are engaged with their world. Engaged pets make better companion pets.